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AML Risk Management is a pioneering Security company that has invested heavily in developing workable programs and strategies, purchasing unique and effective equipment and developing and providing full training programs for all operatives and clients when necessary.

AML Risk Management is a fully registered and Licensed Security Firm specialising in the provision of professional security services. It provides all levels of asset protection and crowd management to suit the requirements of all individuals, businesses and events, however large or small.

The company can supply a full range of APU (Asset Protection Unit) services. Static Guards, Loss Prevention, Cash Escorts, Crowd Controllers and Close Personal (Executive Security) are all provided with professionalism and genuine experience.
AML Risk Management provides an industry leading standard with only dedicated professionals selected. This includes specific specialists from Law Enforcement, Fire and Emergency, Armed Forces and Specialist Experts. The AML team is well presented, it provides significant deterrent value and is extremely competent.

The real strength to AML is its ability to develop strategy and to equip and train for changing circumstances. With a wealth of experience (all supervisory staff must have a mandatory 10 years experience) the company can effectively plan for changing
circumstances and be event ready for today’s potential risk settings – now.

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AML Archer 1200 Vehicle Barriers (1)

AML Archer 1200 Vehicle Barriers (2)